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Pfälzisches Sportmusem unter dem Dach des Dt. Schuhmuseums

German Shoe Museum Hauenstein

One of a kind!! Worldwide

The German Shoe Museum at Hauenstein offering a fascinating show of the worldwide cultural history of shoemaking.

Located in a real historical former shoe manufactory built in BAUHAUS style, the development of shoemaking is being put on display. Genuine old belt-driven machinery as well as original transmission system bring back an authentic taste and flair of labor and social  history of the twenties and thirties.  

The integration of the everyday life experience of the time displayed makes the show a real historical experience. On almost 32000 sq feat, spread over four seperate event levels, the exhibition displays amongst others the Ernst-Tillmann-Collection, the biggest privately owned shoe collection in Europe. It comprises of more than 3.500 different pairs of shoes from the ancient roman sandal till nowadays contemporary models, as well as a collection of several hundred pairs of shoes bought and worn by recent celebrities.  

The worldwide biggest and finest museum of its kind invites you to take a fascinating journey in time and dive right into the history of an age old craftsmanship.
Welcome to the  German Shoe Museum Hauenstein

Carl-August Seibel, Museumsleiter

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